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Tommy Anderson

Deep fried acoustic rock with a side of blues . . .

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Song List:

1. It's Party Time (feat. Sean Golden)
2. Sweet Gina B
3. North Shore
4. Fortunate Fool
5. When We're Old and Gray
6. Jerome
7. It's Party Time Reprise (feat. Sean Golden)
8. Love Where Are You Now
9. That Birthday Song
10. I Miss You With All of My Heart
11. Head For The Hills
12. Utah Moon
13. Love Me
14. I'll See You In My Dreams


Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Anderson, Stevie Ray Ellis & Pablo Richards
Bass Guitar: Tommy Anderson, Stevie Ray Ellis, Pablo Richards, Kevin Mauch & Darryl Icard
Drums: Andy Ziker & Jimbo Gibbons
Trejon: Tommy Anderson & Steve Botterweg
Mandolin: Billy Parker
Banjo: Stevie Ray Ellis
Slide Guitar: Tommy Anderson &Tony Bruno
Ukulele: Tommy Anderson
Piano/keyboards: Steve Golba
Organ: Steve Botterweg
Lead vocals: Tommy Anderson & Sean Golden
Backing vocals: Tommy Anderson, Sandy Foglesong and Sherry Golba,
Steve Botterweg, Darryl Icard, Stevie Ray Ellis & Billy Parker

Tommy Anderson: guitar tracks 2,3,4,5,6,8,9&13, ukulele tracks 1,7 & 14 , bass tracks 2,5, 10 & 12, drums track 4, slide guitar on track 12, backing vocals track 4 & 12
Pablo Richards: guitar tracks 7 & 12, bass tracks 4,913 & 14
Kevin Mauch: upright bass tracks 1& 7 , fretless bass tracks 3
Andy Ziker: drums tracks 1,2,3,7, 11,12 & 14
Steve Golba: piano / keyboards tracks 10 & 13
Sean Golden: lead vocals tracks 1 & 7
Jimbo Gibbons: drums track 13
Sherry Golba: backing vocals track 13
Sandy Foglesong: backing vocals track 13
Stevie Ray Ellis: bass, guitar, banjo and backing vocals track 11
Billy Parker: backing vocals and mandolin track 11
Steve Botterweg: organ, backing vocals and percussion track 6
Darryl Icard: backing vocals and bass track 6
Tony Bruno: slide guitar track 6