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Tommy Anderson

Deep fried acoustic rock with a side of blues . . .

Tommy 'Rocks" Anderson is an acoustic rock musician who has performed on stages throughout Arizona. Tommy combines a mix of classic rock, pop, reggae, R&B and original songs along with the best of the Beatles to create truly memorable shows. Tommy has worked as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, bassist, engineer, producer and studio musician. He often incorporates a loop pedal into his solo acoustic shows, allowing him to sound like multiple guitarists onstage.

Tommy performs as a solo act, with his duo The Beatless, the Tommy Rocks Trio, and OvO, featuring world-class guitarist Joe Berger from NYC. Tommy was the front man and bandleader for the popular Beatles bands Ringo McLennonSon and The Beatless. Tommy also owns the music store Tommy Rocks in Jerome AZ, specializing in autographed rock & roll memorabilia, rare vinyl and of course instruments. He has also formed the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra, which in their first year auditioned for America's Got Talent, and in 2016, and formed the Sedona Ukulele Posse in conjunction with the Sedona Arts Center.

Tommy has performed on stages throughout Arizona, including the John Lennon Songwriting Tour Bus, the Tempe Center for the Arts, the Mesa Arts Center, the Old Town Center for the Arts, the Sedona Arts Center, municipal functions for the cities of Tempe, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Goodyear and Jerome, for the Valley Metro Light Rail Kickoff Concert with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, the Fiesta Bowl New Year's Eve Block Party, the Great Arizona Beer Festival, the P.F. Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon, for Tempe's Earth Day Celebration and Concert at the Marina music series, for the July 4th Celebrations for Phoenix, Mesa and Casa Grande, the Tempe Festival of the Arts, The Spirit Room, Mile High, The Bordello & Quince in Jerome, Coyote Joe's, Brick and Bones and El Gato Azul in Prescott, Vino Di Sedona, The Sail Inn, D'Arcy McGee's, Page Springs Winery, The Grasshopper Grill, Cactus Jack's, The Hotel Monte Vista , (Alice) CoopersTown, as well as being featured in The Arizona Republic, The New Times, Kudos, The Monsoon & The Noise Magazines, the Verde Independent & the Cottonwood Daily Extra, the 12 Midday Show, the Channel 3 'Good Morning Arizona' Show, the 'Verde Valley Experience' and AZTV 7's 'Morning Scramble' TV show.

Tommy Anderson - Discography

2002 - Chrysalis with Stephanie Todd & Thom Anderson
2003 - Thom Anderson: Whatever
2004 - Thom Anderson: Pocketful of Pesos
2004 - Thom Anderson: King of the World
2005 - iCn3D: Volumes 1 & 2
2005 - The Overtones: Big Love For Citrus
2008 - Ringo McLennonSon: Love Me
2012 - Tommy Rocks: G3: P.F.Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon CD
2012 - OvO: Live from The Spirit Room
2012 - OvO: Live from Ghost Town Studios
2012 - Tommy Anderson: EVOLVE
2012 - Tommy Anderson: (single) Welcome To The 21st Century
2012 - Tommy Anderson: (single) Baby Come Home For Christmas
2013 - The Beatless & Friends: John Lennon Birthday Bash (Discs 1+2)
2017 - B3: Rubber Revolver

"Doc" - The Early Years...

Thom and his first

Tommy and his first lady friend.

Tommy " Doc" Anderson left his hometown of Hammond, Minnesota at the tender young age of 11. He hopped freight trains and rode the rails across this great land of ours, writing such classics as " Hopping Trains" and "This Great Land of Ours." He eventually murdered a hobo, which caught the attention of the Department of Corrections ("Department of Corrections," hence, "Doc") . This landed him in Sing Sing on a manslaughter charge. There he wrote the classic,"Sing, Sing!" The governor was so moved by this song that he pardoned Doc with a writ of clemency.

Doc then drifted to New York City, where he became a street performer. He caught the attention of talent scout Albert Hammond, who was so impressed that Doc came from Hammond, that he signed him immediately. Then Hammond left him. Doc is still trying to find Hammond.

Doc became immensely popular, lived the life of the rich and famous, and then threw it all away.

Despondent, friendless, and lovelorn, he hit the rails again, eventually ending up in Tempe, Arizona. He donated plasma twice a week in order to save up enough money for the guitar that you now see him playing. Through his music, he hopes to one day make enough money to be able to donate money to an orphanage or some such charity. So remember, the more you pay, the more he can give!

As a final note, please don't ask Doc to play his old material; he no longer plays the old songs anymore, as they bring back too much pain...