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GREAT show in Jerome. Thx. For the song, the best I have yet to hear!!! - Karen, 03.06.11

You were fantastic! Can't wait for May 7th!! - Lori

Awesome show, Tommy - Sean

TOMMY ROCKS!!! - Nancie

Killer show is an understatement. It was legendary to us all! - Janine

Love that place, love your music! - Janet

...your rendition of "Give Me Love" was FABulous! Just frickin' GREAT. Moved me to tears. It was that good.

Bruce and I had the BEST time in Sedona ever! Your band is sensational and it will be a real treat to travel down the road to Jerome in August.

I saw your show at the MV in Flagstaff and you were great! My girlfriend took me up there for the weekend for my BDay 1/18 and we couldn't ask for a better suprise than to have you playing there since I have been a Beatle fan since 4th grade... I have nothing but good things to say about you.

I'd like to be added to your email list of fans, if you have one. Maybe I can plan trips to the Valley of the Sun around your gigs. I'm hoping to catch you at the Spirit Room on March 8, but I'd like to catch you before then, if possible.

You guys were brilliant on Channel 3... Go Lennon.

Just watched you on Channel 3. You guys were great! Wish I had recorded it - I want more!

We drove up from Sedona to catch your show at Hotel Monte Vista. Wow! I really enjoyed you guys. I thought the inclusion of two female backup singers was perfect!

I would like to be notified of upcoming shows ... saw Ringo McLennonSon perform at the New Year's Eve Tempe block party last night and thought they were fantastic!

You guys are awesome. We loved every minute of your concert. I even called our son-in-law who is a big Beatles fan and who was at our grandson's 4th bday party. He said you sounded awesome over the phone as well.

I saw you guys at the Spirit Room yesterday...It was awesome when you did the megaphone on Uncle Albert -- that was so epic. You guys are authentic to the teeth.

Dave and I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed your concert on New Year's Eve. It was awesome and you guys are great. Hope to see more of you guys in 2009.